Qalandari  Design  2015

At the begining of 2013 we started working with the Young Offenders Team who bring young people to us to do reparations work.   We became aware that many in this group have very low reading skills and decided to find ways to support young people to overcome their difficulties and come to enjoy words.


We are working on a pilot scheme for a project called  WordPlay, using games, puzzles, art and poetry and a large dose of fun and laughter to try to break through the barriers.

The pilot scheme - for which we have received a grant from the Woodward Trust - is aimed at young offenders.  Later sessions can be broadened to accommodate other young people experiencing difficulties with literacy.

If you work with young people who could benefit from joining these sessions please contact us for more information.


Early Learning

We also know that many children have no books at home. We heard from colleagues at the Middlesborough Literacy Hub that some low-income families do not dare to borrow books from the library in case the children damage them and they will have to pay for them.

We welcome contact with schools who would like to offer books to families who have no books at home. We would be happy to deliver book parcels to the schools to be given to these families.