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Total Giving

Please mention Borderline Books if you want your donation to be for this project, otherwise it will be used for any Kittiwake Trust projects (currently Borderline Books and the Multilingual Library)

All donations go to the Kittiwake Trust bank account.

The Kittiwake Trust is registered as a CIO under charity number  1165318



There are a number of ways in which you can support us

You can do online shopping via our Easy Fundraising page

You could start a Borderline BookSpace in your own area - we often have to turn down book donations or ask the donor to give them to another project because they are too far away for us to collect and we can’t afford to pay for them to be shipped up to us.

We’d love to see branches in the Midlands and the South East and in other parts of the country. It really isn’t difficult - do write and ask for more information and we will give all the guidance we can.  

We are particularly interested in working with organisations supporting people leaving prison or people who are homeless to get more BookSpaces up and running.

You can volunteer with us to help with outreach or some of the general day to day jobs.

You can help with fundraising.

You can drop a gift in our lovely collection-box when you come to visit. (See pic. Opposite)

Remember us in your prayers (or your will!)